Equinox louvered roof system

louvered roof
Equinox Louvered Roof

An equinox louvered roof adorns the outdoor environment to chill and relax with your pals and mates.

The louvers are fully remote controlled and move with the touch of a button. Louvered Roof is definitely something that will enhance your time outdoors and add value to your home. You can create the ambiance according to you. Sunny, partial sunlight, splashes of rain or full protection from rain, everything is available at your touch.

Louvered Roof Materials

Louvered roof systems are strong as well as durable. They are made from aluminum which makes it lightweight and durable. It also resists the corrosion which helps it in retaining strength for a longer time. As they are not made up of plastic or fabric so they can counter all types of weather. Solid patio covers are able to provide 100% shade and protect you from the rain. Let your houses and workplace to merge with this innovation to get a new luxury.


Equinox louvered roofs can be customized as per your choices to get your dream architectural style. You can use the various color combination on the beam and supporting frame to give it an elegant look. Each equinox louvered roofs can be built to match the look and feel of your home.

Benefits of Equinox Louvered Roof

It is useful for both household and commercial purposes. It increased space and usability. You can utilize the sun as per your needs and demands. When it rains you can close the louvers instantaneously to prevent it from entering the area. On a sunny day, you can also open it to get the sunlight and heat. Closed louvers also provide 100% shade which reduced the interior cooling costs of the place. These are automated so it reduces your efforts obviously. Motors used in this system are generally solar powered. It helps in saving energy.

Louvered Roof
Equinox Louvered Roof

An Equinox Roof is really awesome because it is motorized unlike many other patios out there. This is technology taken outside to create a motorized patio system. With a push of a button, you can position your louvers however you want in a 160-degree range of motion for a precise amount of protection or ventilation you want. It has a solar-powered battery pack that protects the battery against outside exposure.

Another benefit when you buy an Equinox Roof is that it is manufactured with such quality parts, precision engineering, and offers superior aesthetics to create the ultimate outdoor space you were dreaming of.

Working of the louver roof system

Equinox louvered Roofs contain louvers or blade that rotate within a fixed frame. The louvers are rotated with the help of motors. It helps in harnessing the desired amount of sun and eventually shade and ventilation. Rainwater is channelized to the gutter through the slight pitch. These are operated on solar-powered battery

So, it does not require any wiring or power from the home. These roof systems are very large and the number of toggle switches also depends on the size. It works on remote control.

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